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Who Are We?

“Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought”Albert Szent – Gyorgyi  

Orteron (T.O) Ltd is a private company organized under the laws of the State of Israel with an address at Tel Chai 1a Kfar Saba, 4420602, Israel and founded in 2012.

The company has developed a very unique and pioneering bio- technology named Tetron Protein Reset Technology (TPRT) with several important and useful industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

The company is directed by Dr. Tamar Levin and Mrs Orit Ish-Yemini who are also the inventors of Orteron’s bio-technology

The company capital resource is based on several individual investors

In 2018 Orteron’s company has founded its subsidiary company – ENP (T.O) Ltd – which focuses on specific  applications  of  TPRT  for upgrading the Growth and Qualities of Plants and Agricultural Crops