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Orteron’s Subsidiary Company ENP (T.O) Ltd

A company which focuses on upgrading the growth ad Qualities of Plants and Agricultural Crops using Orteron’s Bio-Technology.

Forthcoming first set of studies planned:

  1. The effects of applying Orterons’ technology on plant growth processes ( rate and size) and on enriching the plants’ products
  2. Applying Orteron’s biotechnology as a preventive technology against pests
  3. Extermination and wiping out pests when applying Orteron’s bio- technology on contaminated plants
  4. Demonstrating the results of applying Orteron’s biotechnology on different parts of the plants in terms of the amount of plant’s growth and  the quality of the crops products

With whom we wish to cooperate?

Currently cooperating with neoplas Gmbh: We have a signed MOU agreement for cooperation concerning license, manufacturing, sale, support and maintenance of Orteron’s bio-technology. The MOU will be the basis of a detailed agreement which may be negotiated and, if mutually agreed, between us and neoplas in the future.

Wishing to cooperate with:

Agricultural organizations

Following our initial studies:

  • To either sell the application of our Biotechnology Device for upgrading the growth and qualities of plants and agricultural crops; or
  • Sell Licensing Rights to use the biotechnology application for upgrading the growth and qualities of plants and agricultural crops
  • Collaborate on upgrading the biotechnology usage from laboratory setting to field setting

Agricultural research organizations

  • Collaborate on research of interest on the effects of the Modified Plasma Field, expressed in our biotechnology, in the areas of plant sciences, plant protection and soil sciences

Contact us: enp.to.ltd@gmail.com