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What have we accomplished?

Reliable operation and Patents

Over the past three years several uses of the bio-technology were tested in three different laboratories in Germany, using two different modes of connection to the plasma gases, Portable and Fixed. The tests proved that the bio-technology’s operation is problem-free and according to plan

 The Bio-technology is patented — as both a system and a device

 Granted Patents:

Physical means and Methods for Inducing Regenerative Effects on Living Tissues and Fluids

  • Israel (226105)
  • United States (8896211B2)

Granted Utility Model

  • Germany (202013101914.3)
  • Germany (202013102880.0)

In process of examination and Published:

Physical means and methods for inducing regeneration effects on living tissues and fluids– Published

  • India

A Method for controlling biological processes in micro-organisms -Published

  • United States
  • Germany

In the process of Examination

Novel methods for modulating protein expression in microorganisms

  • PCT Israel