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What have we invented?

 “What is now proved was once only imagined” ~ William Blake

A Unique Technology

  • The Biotechnology has a European Certification for Industrial usages : AW:CE- Certification 417. 229 .1 (since May 2018)

Our bio-technology is based on non-thermal (cold) physical plasma at atmospheric pressure (physical plasma defined as the 4th state of matter = completely or partially ionized gases).

Unlike most non-thermal (cold) plasma technologies or devices, our bio-technology uses the non-thermal plasma in conjunction with additional components, which gives the technology the unique and breakthrough capabilities.

Orteron’s Bio-Technology synergistically facilitates an interaction among:

(i) Non-Thermal Physical Plasma

(Completely or partially ionized gases of predefined compositions and emission parameters (overall duration, distance from subject/object, etc.)); and

(ii)      Predefined architecture of small magnets; and

(iii)     Unique 3D orientation of special reflectors.

All of these components are coordinated and when operated in conjunction with each other, a modified plasma field with a very unique kind of energy frequency is synergistically generated.

Major characteristics of the bio-technology

  • Catalyzes biological or chemical processes without reagents
  • Produces natural/native proteins without genetic engineering processes
  • Dual mechanism of action: Initial action on surface of object or subject, and  effects penetrate inward, inducing changes  in object  or subject;
  • Utilizable for both small and large subjects and objects
  • Has both systemic effects and organ-targeted effects
  • Successfully operates over a wide range of:
    • in vitro and in vivo systems
    • micro-organisms and eukaryotes
  • Uses a mechanism which allows users choice and decision flexibility (enabling users to select operating modes which suits the target subject/object and operating time linked to diverse outcomes)
  • Green technology – avoids use of hazardous materials and yields results without polluting products
  • Operates quickly
  • Easy, simple & intuitive to use

  • Orteron bio-technology was developed according to Orteron’s specifications by neoplas GmbH, a company organized under the laws of Germany with an address at Walther-Rathenau Str. 49a 17489 Greifswald, Germany.